No More Ceremonies Possible

Since October 2019 Ayahuasca is no longer legal in the Netherlands and I will not organize ceremonies for the time being.

How and what

The Ayahuasca ceremonies are held in a pleasant and quiet place in Bloemendaal.
In the morning we start with an introduction and an introduction. This consists of an explanation, room for questions, breathing exercises and a guided meditation.
You get a mat to lie on, a blanket, enough water, herbal tea and all the other necessities for the ceremony and of course the Ayahuasca drink.
During the ceremony music is played to make it easier for you to enter your process.
Afterwards, there is fruit to strengthen you again and a light vegan meal.

The preparation

In addition to insights, the Ayahuasca also provides a cleansing for the body. To facilitate this cleansing and to make sure that your Ayahuasca trip is going well, it is important to do the following in the weeks before the ceremony:

Food and Medication

When using a lot of medication, it is wise to inform your doctor.
Do not use psychologically influencing medication such as antidepressants for around 4-8 weeks beforehand.
Do not use MDMA, amphetamine or other drugs for more than 7 days beforehand (very important).
Apply a diet of only vegetables and fruit for a week to 2 days in advance.
Do not drink tonic, coffee, alcohol or other intoxicants 72 hours beforehand.
Do not eat any meat, chicken, fish, cheese or dried fruit in advance for 48 hours beforehand and as little sugar as possible.
It is best to not eat anything at least 24 hours in advance. If you do, avoid at least salt or spicy food.
Many people fast three days in advance to enhance the cleansing effect of the Ayahuasca and increase the intensity of the journey.
Drink plenty of extra water or herbal tea during the entire previous week!

Mental and Physical Preparation

In the preceding week it helps to have a moment of meditation every day. Also think about what your intent is, your question, or what you want to achieve or experience during the ceremony.
Sleep enough and give your body a rest. A light workout such as yoga is very good, but stay well within your limits.
Especially with a first participation in a ceremony it can be exciting in the days before. Use conscious breaths in such moments to calm down and know that the working substance in Ayahuasca is already naturally present in your body.


During the entire ceremony there will be music to guide you through your proces. In the preparatory section of the day instruments can be used such as singing bowls, bohdrum, didgeridoo and hangdrum. During the actual journey there is a carefully composed play list.