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Self-development and Awareness

Weekly Meditation gathering in Bloemendaal (NL)
From now on I will organize a small-scale meditation get-together every Friday from 10:00 to 12:00.
It is intended for people who want to take their spiritual growth to a higher level and connect with like-minded people. The focus will usually be on Love and Light.
The meditation will precede a short guided meditation to align and clarify the intention.
There is always time for connection, questions and herbal tea.
Everyone is welcome and it is free to join.

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A little bit about “De Liefde”
I founded De Liefde because I want to share my experiences of my personal development with the world. My goal is to help increasing the life frequency of the people around me so that we can create a beautiful loving world together. For the past 25 years I have been practicing many development projects on a daily basis, such as meditation, yoga, hypnosis, magic, healing, shamanism, natural plant medication, Buddhism, altruism and everything that comes with it.
In the meantime I play the game of life with love and light because everything is allowed and everything is possible. My feelings indicate how close I am to my higher self, I listen to it and trust it with everything that I am.
Jochem van der Linden

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No more Ayahuasca Ceremonies
After several years of guiding groups on Ayahuasca journeys, I have now decided to stop organizing these kind of ceremonies. I think it is of most importants that people receive good guidance and that they can get the most out of their journey. That is why I only guide people at home on their journeys, so that I do not have to divide my attention between other people and that the journey takes place in a familiar environment.
I also now guide people through the process of preparing the Ayahuasce themselves (the choice of plants, the brewing, preparation and everything that is needed fot a journey).
On my site “Filav.com” everything about this is explained.

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